Kim Moyer

Kim is co-owner of Kaizen Farm and has loved horses all her life.  After riding all the neighbors’ horses her parents finally bought her a horse when she was 14. Mocha lived at her home in Vancouver WA and was her greatest friend for 27 years.  Kim describes her early riding career as “slightly wild, but the best fun ever”. However this has given her a huge appreciation for good instruction and being started the right way.  After high school she studied for a bachelor’s degree in education and found she was fascinated by the process of teaching the building blocks whether to humans, horses or both at the same time.  As her own children grew older she returned to 4H and then was introduced to United States Pony Club and its progressive layers of learning.  Watching and listening as 3 daughters and 1 son reached some of the advanced levels at Willamette Valley Pony Club and then Boise Pony Club, gave her a vast pool of knowledge.

As her kids began to graduate and head for college, Kim realized that some of these wonderful horses that were left behind could give her a taste of the competitive jumping she had always desired rather than the western styles of 4H from her childhood.  So began a fun time of eventing (dressage, cross country and show jumping triathlon) with Cole, Audacity, Bayou and now her own home-bred Percy.  She is very proud of the fact that she has the qualifying scores that would allow her to compete at the Preliminary level (3’7″) but good horsemanship dictates waiting for the right horse to go at that level and she is hoping that Percy will be that horse, made all the sweeter for having trained him herself.

Kim loves education and takes lessons and goes to clinics whenever the busy KF schedule permits as well as constantly reading and following the ‘masters’ online.

But the one thing that all KF students know is her absolute dedication to each and every one of them, be it finding the right school horse, getting that jump position right, giving courage when needed or cleaning pens the right way 🙂

When not giving her all to her horses and students, Kim can be found doing multiple jobs around the farm – driving the tractor, head goat/sheep herder, and chief electrician to name a few.

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