Sarah Jerman

Sarah is the other owner of Kaizen Farm. She was born on a British army base in Cyprus and grew up in suburban Gloucester, England.  Her first time on a horse (or was it a donkey) was at age 3.  Her parents allowed her to have leadline lessons from age 5 alongside her 2 older brothers and found to their astonishment/dismay that when the boys gave up the horse thing they had a horse-crazy little girl on their hands.  On-off lessons continued until the age of 14 when she became what is generally known as a barn rat and spent every day that wasn’t a school day at Huntley School of Equitation mentored by the wonderful Carole Broad (Fellow of the British Horse Society) from pony rider to BHS teaching exams, eventing and dressage.

A degree in Biological Sciences was followed by a brief career in the IT industry before her husband Steve was offered a two year transfer to Boise with Hewlett Packard.  Nowadays, she can’t imagine having the energy to take two small children and move countries but that is what happened.  At the end of the two years Steve was offered a permanent job and Sarah took the opportunity to finally have some land and a horse of her own.  As the children got older, a pony named Jazz was bought and after a brief membership of the Eh Capa drill team, her daughter settled on Pony Club.  The District Commissioner of Boise Pony Club was our very own Kim Moyer and a very special friendship was born.

Sarah teaches many of the ‘extras’ at Kaizen – natural horsemanship, horse management, directing the drill team, wading through all the paper work that is needed for our 3 student shows and taking photos for Facebook and this website.

Sometimes known as the dressage queen of Kaizen following former times when she got to wear a top hat and tails on her beloved Sam; she would like it to be known that once upon a time she could jump, but is fully aware of her position these days and is always up for dressing in a tutu for the drill performance on current favorite, Scarlett.


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