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Summer 2021 update: 

Lesson program for the over 10s: Thank you for your interest in our program but be aware that we are FULL at this time.  We will not be starting any intro classes for the foreseeable future as we are filling with graduates from our Short Boots program.

Short Boots:  This program is currently FULL for this year.

Parties. These are currently available.  If you would like to schedule a date, we will send you our terms and conditions.

Leadline rides:  These are rides where the pony/horse is led by an experienced KF student who is familiar with our standards.  The rider does not use the reins.  Please enquire for a time but it is dependent on staff and pony availability.

Stay safe this summer and thank you for your interest in our program.

If you’d like to ask any questions, please fill in the online enquiry form below.  We spend a lot of time in the barn with horses and clients and so are not able to answer phone enquiries.

Also, since we do not have dedicated administrative staff, please be patient while waiting for a reply – we work long into the evenings answering emails.  However if more than 4 days have passed, please send a new message in case we missed it.  Your interest is important to us.

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