Party Options – please see contact us page for current booking information.

Ponies are a great hit at all parties whether at your house or carnival or our farm.  Each event begins with a safety talk for a few minutes with the children and parents before getting the kids on for their ride.

Request your party date from the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Birthday Party at your location

We lead the ponies around a pre-approved area, whether it is the neighborhood, cul de sac or yard. We bring ponies appropriate to the size of the guests. As an approximate guide 8-12 children with 2 ponies will each ride the ponies 2-4 times.

  • Two ponies – $170.00 for 45 minutes or $200.00 for one hour.
  • Additional ponies cost $80.00 per hour.

Barn Party

This event takes place on our farm. There is one hour of pony rides. The ponies are led around the circular drive near the barn or in a covered area in wet weather. While waiting their turn, the children can be looking at the animals on the farm such as chickens, sheep, llama and goats or playing on the swings and slide in the orchard area.

Many folks enjoy staying a second hour and making use of our party room above the barn, “The Loft”.  A good place and time for cake and ice cream and opening presents.  A BBQ can be set up for those that want to cook up some hot dogs or hamburgers for $20.00. Some clients have pizza delivered.

  • 2 hour barn party – one hour pony rides plus use of party room- $250
  • One hour of pony rides without use of Party Room – $200
  • Extra ponies – $80 per pony

Small Party

If you want a small party we can do individual leadlines at $50 per pony/rider for 45 mins.

Customized Party

All parties can be customized for churches, businesses, schools etc.

  • Two ponies – $170.00 for 45 minutes or $200.00 for one hour
  • Additional ponies cost $80.00 per hour

Request a party

Email us from below giving us your requested date, time and location plus approximate age range of your guests. Within a few days you will receive either confirmation of your date and time or suggestions for alternatives. We spend a lot of time in the barn with horses and clients and so are not able to answer phone enquiries.

Please note that we do not do Sunday parties – ponies and handlers need a day off.

We do our best to be available year round but we do not take out the horse trailers if there is any snow or ice on the roads.

Please also note that July and December are our family vacation times and so we may take longer than normal to reply since we work longer hours in the barn covering. Thank you for your patience.