Extras for students

Being part of the Kaizen family means opportunities well beyond just weekly riding lessons.  Here are the extras currently on offer to committed students who ride in our monthly lesson program.

  • Student Shows
  • Overnight Camps
  • Horse Management Classes
  • Natural Horsemanship Classes
  • Drill Team
  • Eventing/Competition Team

Student Shows

Late Spring brings our first show of the year – a trail obstacle challenge around our fields.

September brings our combined dressage and jumping show where the Diamond Delight hi-point and Absolutely Stellar horsemanship awards cap off the summer.

October is fun time as all the students from 5 to 75 get to dress up and take part in the Halloween Games Show.

Overnight Camps

The chance to take care of your “own” horse for a few days. Themes such as

  • Trail Riding
  • Intro to Eventing.

Horse Management Classes

Offered in the winter months, these theory based classes up in The Loft increase students’ knowledge of how to take care of horses.  Important part of the journey for those seeking to take on horse ownership or for those becoming official barn helpers.

Natural Horsemanship Classes

Classes on horse psychology, groundwork and theory.

Drill Team

For the more advanced students – a colorful ride set to music.

Eventing/Competition Team

For the more advanced students who have demonstrated dedication to their horsemanship and barn life.  The chance to train and take part in a competition off the farm.